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Group III: Markets and Social Values in a Globalized Economy

Wealth and income inequality in the world, the global challenges posed by the climate crisis, Big Tech regulation and its economic, social and cultural implications and the post-pandemic recovery create challenges to the global economic order structured according to a free-market logic and low government intervention as the best way to achieve economic growth. This Group combines political and legal solutions with insights from economics and political science. It develops new approaches to find appropriate solutions in the context of competitive markets, giving voice to social values.

Within the research framework of this Group, the publication of the Journal of Competition Law and Regulation, in cooperation with the Competition Authority, ensuring the participation of researchers from all over the world, stands out.

The postgraduate course in Competition Law and Regulation continues to provide the most in-depth course in the area in Portugal, bringing together academics from different backgrounds, mostly lawyers and economists, from private practice and regulators' staff.


Accordingly, this Group will cooperate and simultaneously develop three projects in the period 2020-2024:

This research project is aimed at, on a first level, gathering, divulging, and analysing all the case-law of Portuguese courts which has applied, or which has discussed the application of national or EU competition rules, within public enforcement or private enforcement, in all the areas of this branch of the law.

Duration: 2020-2023 (36 months)

Carolina Ramalho dos Santos

Joana Gama Gomes

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