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Ana Paula Dourado in interview: "We Are Living in Almost Revolutionary Times"

Talking about the digital economy, Ana Paula Dourado gets quite enthusiastic. As confusing the times may be for the international tax world, there are plenty of remarkable developments to cover in ‘her’ Intertax Magazine. She highlights a few.

Ana Paula Dourado used to travel to far off countries as Mozambique, East Timor and Cape Verdi as advisor for the IMF to propose new tax legislation. She was a delegate at the OECD, at the WP on exchange of information and assistance in tax collection, and at the EU for the Portuguese Ministry of Finance, negotiating EU tax Directives on behalf of her motherland. Nowadays, with plenty years of experience in the field under her belt, she works full time at the University of Lisbon. Apart from being a tax law professor she has another full time job ‘on the side’: editor in chief of Intertax. The Wolters Kluwer journal is issued monthly in print and online, twice a year bimonthly. Some hot topics are handled in special issues, such as MLI (issue 1, 2018), Digital and Taxes (double issue 6/7, 2018issue 2, 2019). Currently there are three special issues in preparation: International tax arbitration; transfer pricing and the regulatory role of taxes.


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