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Integrated Members

Prof. Doutor Miguel Patrício

He received his PhD in law and master’s degree in law from the Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon in 2012 and 2004, respectively. Currently, he is Professor of Economics and Economic Analysis of Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon. He has published articles in the following fields: Economics, Diplomatic History, Tax Law, Economic Analysis of Law, Bioethics and Immigration Law. A few of his publications are as follows –  Algumas Reflexões sobre a Teoria Económica do Consentimento Informado (2009) [in: AA.VV. – Estudos em Homenagem ao Professor Doutor Paulo de Pitta e Cunha. Volume II. Coimbra, Almedina, 2010, pp. 601-611.]; A Qualificação e o Ónus da Prova no Regime da Dedutibilidade dos Custos Fiscais (2008) [em co-autoria; in: AA.VV. – Reestruturação de Empresas e Limites do Planeamento Fiscal, Coimbra Editora, 2009, pp. 229-36]; Do Ultimatum de 1890 ao Tratado Luso-Britânico de 1891 – Ensaio de História Diplomática (2013)  [in: RIDB, 2 (10), 2013, pp. 11371-414]. His area of expertise is Economic and Tax Law. He joined the research group on member of the research group on Market Failures in a Globalized Economy: Institutional Approaches and on Crisis, Public Policies, Taxation Policies and the Euro.