José Manuel Bracinha Vieira

José Manuel Bracinha Vieira

José Vieira is graduated in Law from Faculdade de Direito de Lisboa (FDL), Universidade de Lisboa. Since 1986 he also holds an MBA in Legal and Economic Sciences (FDL)  from the same University.

He was also lecturer at Faculdade de Direito de Lisboa (FDL), Universidade de Lisboa  (1977-1992), at Universidade Lusíada (1987 to 1992) and at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (1996/ 2002).

He  joined  Banco de Portugal (The Portuguese Central Bank) in 1979 until 2016. He previously filled the position of  technical advisor and consultant and Deputy Director at the Legal Department and then served as   Director of the Legal Enforcement Department and Advisor to the Governor of the central bank.

He also served as Chairman at Finangeste - Sociedade de Gestão Financeira e Desenvolvimento, SA, (1982 to 1992),  Sociedade Portuguesa de Empreendimentos, SA (1998 – 2002),  at Parque Expo, SA (2002 to 2005) and  at Instituto Nacional de Habitação in 1995 and 1996.

Between 1992 to 1994 he was Secretary of State for Educational Resources of the Portuguese Government. He was elected Chairman of the Audit  Board  of  Centro Europeu Jacques Delors (1995-1998) and he was Chairman to  the General Meeting of Shareholders of Oceanário de Lisboa (2005 to 2014).

He was also  non executive member of the Palmela Municipal Assembly (2001 to 2005).

Since 27th February 2017 he serves as Chairman of Banif S.A..

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