Call for Papers

CIDEEFF is interested in fostering collaboration and research opportunities for academics and young researchers in the areas of economic, financial and tax law.

We are offering graduate students (students enrolled in Masters’ or PhD programmes), early career professionals, and academics, who are studying or working in these fields an opportunity to present and diffuse their ongoing research.

In this regard, we are requesting submission of working papers on the following topics:

  • Sustainable Finance: between private and public solutions
  • Challenges raised by the digital economy forliberal democracies and International
  • Justice
  • The European response to crisis (sovereign-debt crisis; pandemic crisis)
  • Globalization (Economic): causes and effect
  • Global Public Procurement
  • Portuguese Case-Law in Competition
  • The Future of Tax
  • Other research subjects regarding economic, financial and tax research

Form for the submission of Papers

Attatch File (max PDF size 3MB)
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