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New Paradigms of the Relation between Law and Economics

The main thematic line of the Centre - New Paradigms of the Relation between Law and Economics explores the multidisciplinary dimensions of the major legal, economic and policy fields that will determine legal and economic global governance in the next decade. Its principal coordinator is Prof. Dr. Eduardo Manuel Hintze da Paz Ferreira.

It comprises four Groups which address the following issues:

  • transparency of jurisdictions, the fight against tax havens, aggressive tax planning, exchange of information, movement of persons, services and capital, competition among states in order to attract investment, patriotism and taxes and tax exile dealt under Group I - Tax Governance: International Standards, Patriotisms and Exiles;
  • growing interdependency among states, international law of natural resources, the role and effects of global trade on the sustainability of natural resources, resource price volatility  dealt under Group II - Globalization, Economic Integration and Development: European and Lusophone Perspectives;
  • public policies and legal solutions to address market failures in a globalized economy, namely through market-based instruments such as competition policy or by adequate regulation and supervision of specific sectors, such as the financial sector and network industries dealt under Group III - Market Failures in a Globalized Economy: Institutional Approaches;
  • diagnosis of the EU financial crisis, responses and whether the new legal framework is adequate to avoid asymmetrical shocks in the future dealt under Group IV - Crises, Public Policies, Fiscal Policy and the Euro

Results of the research conducted under this thematic line will contribute to the overall objectives of the Centre, by providing a legal and economic perspective of integrating development and other international values in a coherent global governance structure.