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Article 1

Nature and scope
  1. The Centre for Research in European, Economic, Financial and Tax Law (hereafter Centre or CIDEEFF), is a research and development unit set up by the Institute for Economic, Financial and Tax Law (hereafter IDEFF) and the European Institute (hereafter EI), collectively referred to as Institutes, of the Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon (hereafter FDUL), with FDUL acting as its public host unit.
  2. The Centre is not a legal unit of IDEFF and maintains its own scientific and administrative autonomy.
  3. The Centre promotes scientific research, seminars, conferences and the dissemination of works in the field of European studies and legal science, economics, financial and tax law.
  4. The Centre has been established for an indefinite period.
  5. Relations between the Centre and the Institutes are subject to protocols.
  6. Notwithstanding other laws and regulations, the activities of the Centre are to be regulated as per Decree Law number 125/99 of 20 April and this Statute.

Article 2

  1. The Centre has its headquarters and carries out its functions from the premises of IDEFF at FDUL, Alameda da Universidade, Lisbon, 1649-014.

Article 3

Governing Bodies
  1. The governing bodies of the Centre are constitute :
    a) the Director;
    b) the Executive Board;
    c) the Scientific Board; and,
    d) the External Advisory Committee.

Article 4

Director and Executive Board
  1. The Director of the Centre shall coordinate and be responsible for the scientific activities of the Centre, with the assistance of one or two Deputy Director (s).
  2. The Director and (or) Deputy Director (s) shall be appointed by the Scientific Board of the Centre, from amongst its members.
  3. The tenure of the Director and Deputy Director (s) lasts for six years and is renewable.
  4. The Director shall appoint an Executive Board composed of principal investigators of the research groups or lines that may be created and maintained in order to advise and assist it in its tasks.
  5. The Director, assisted by Deputy Director (s), and the Executive Board, shall:
    a) conduct and coordinate the scientific and administrative activities of the Centre;
    b) present the Scientific Board with proposal for new lines and projects or research areas, which are capable of functioning autonomously and possess their own governing bodies composed of represented entities with which scientific partnerships are established;
    c)  submit annually to the Scientific Board a financial report of the previous year and a financial plan for the current year;
    d) act on behalf of the Centre.

Article 5 

Scientific Board
  1. The Scientific Board consists of all the Doctors of the Law and Economic Sciences Group of FDUL, who accept to be CIDEEFF’ member, as well as other Doctors in Law or related scientific sciences, including economics, so proposed by this Scientific Board.
  2. The President of this Board shall have held the FDUL Doctoral title for the longest duration of all members present.
  3. The Scientific Board shall convene at the discretion of the President and no less than twice per academic year to:
    a) assess the scientific activity;
    b) approve proposals for new lines and projects or research areas;
    c)  approve the financial report of the previous year and the financial plan for the current year;
    d) admit or expel members from the Centre (based on the Director’s proposals);
    e) award prizes for the best scientific work carried out by members of the Centre (as proposed by the Director).

Article 6 

External Advisory Committee
  1. The External Advisory Committee shall consist of, a minimum of seven, leading scientists and researchers from Portugal and abroad in the field of European studies, economic, financial and tax law and a summary of their credentials, curriculum and activities shall be published on the website maintained by the Centre.
  2. The said Committee shall:
    a) analyze the activity of the Centre, visiting it at least once a year;
    b) issue the recommendations and advice as it considers appropriate;
    c) issue an opinion on the annual plan of activities and the annual scientific report of the Centre, according to the law in force.

Article 7 

Members of the Centre
  1. The Centre shall include the following members:

              a)    members of the Scientific Board;

              b)    doctoral and master students of the FDUL as well as researchers and fellows associated with integrated projects of the Centre;

              c)     Director Emeritus

  1. The admission and expulsion of such members mentioned in point b) above, subject to the proposal of the Director, rests with the Scientific Board.

Article 8 

Sources of funding
  1. The main sources of funding for the Centre are the following:
    a) research projects and grants whose applications are promoted by members of the Centre with the approval of the Scientific Board;
    b) the Portuguese Government through the Foundation for Science and Technology;
    c) sponsorship from public or private entities;
    d) conducting scientific events.

Article 9

  1. The Director of the Centre shall be responsible for the management of the funds acquired under the terms mentioned in the preceding Article and for fulfilling the obligations so arising from such funds.

Article 10 

Approval and amendment of the Statutes
  1. The Statutes, unless stated otherwise due to legislative or regulatory changes, are hereby approved and can only be changed in the Scientific Board meeting with a favorable vote of two thirds of its members.