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Group I: Tax Governance: International Standards, Patriotisms and Exiles

The Principal Coordinator [Prof. Dr. Eduardo Manuel Hintze da Paz Ferreira] and the Principal Researcher of this Group [Prof. Dr. Ana Paula Dourado] define the policy and strategy of the projects and activities carried out by all participating researchers.

The Group is organized in order to investigate and set up policy and legal solutions to a Valid Tax Global Governance Order: an order respecting the rule of law, values of justice, fair distribution of tax burdens and of tax revenue among the different States and regions in the world. It will consider the challenges that the EU, BRICs, Developing countries (especially Lusophone), Israel, the USA and other OECD and non-OECD countries face taking into account the current erosion of taxes.

This Group aims to investigate the current challenges that collection of taxes brings to the global, regional and national economies of OECD, EU, BRICSs and Developing countries (especially Lusophone).  It aims to put forward policy and legal solutions with a global, regional and/or national dimension compliant with the rule-of-law, with the taxpayers’ fundamental rights and with a level playing field among states. Special consideration will be given to the unique difficulties that developing countries face.

This Group will cooperate and simultaneously develop 3 projects during the period 2015-2020:

  • Project 1: Tax governance and validity of global standards
  • Project 2: EU good tax governance as best practice
  • Project 3: Tax Patriotism and Exile 

Researchers of this Group, as well as their home institutions, have a broad and multidisciplinary back-ground in legal, economic and policy fiscal issues which will enable them to set forth ground-breaking solutions that will build the basis for tax good governance proposals, EU further integration and combating aggressive tax planning and erosion of tax revenues.